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xJust Mex

So guys, you`ll see me, now!!
Somethin` about me: I was born in 6th of July 2000. My all name is Dancau Andreea Georgiana. My BFF`s are Andreea and Maria.
I will put pics with they too. My parents are the best for me! My favourite stars are : Miley, Selena, Demi, Bridgit, Breda, Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers etc.
f you wanna know more, just ask!!
Love X G

P.S. This pic is from 2007

Comments • 10

eucool 16 January 2011  
MileyGreenCoffee 1 January 2011  
xMileyCoffeGirl 1 January 2011  
Very sweet
xAshleyArgotaxD 25 December 2010  
U're wonderful ♥
CyrussItsBackxD 22 December 2010  
Like a princess <3 xo Milee
xJustMex 22 December 2010  
Thnx Millesky!! You^re a princess too<33!!
xBybiiixD 21 December 2010  
A.M.A.Z.I.N.G Girrl
xAndradax 21 December 2010  
You're cute
xJustMex 21 December 2010  
Thnx baby!!
xDayanutzax 21 December 2010  
you`re look amazing:x
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