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Hey Ya Guys

Hey Ya Guys<33!What`zz`up?? It`s xRealMileyRayMex(Georgi)This is my new account!!Here I will put pics from my life..with my favourite things!!Sure that I will put pics with my idols like Miley,Selena,Demi, Nick Jonas etc.Hope you`ll like my page baby!!I don`t care about your opinion If I believe in diferent star .. If you believe in other star, isn`t my probleeem .. `Kaay?That`s all !! Have fun on my page!!!
Some rules:
1: Don`t leave bad comms.
2: Don`t call me that I`m the stars in what I believe!!
Thnx. for understandin`!! Luv Ya`
xoxo Georgi
I like it
I like it

Comments • 10

AndreKaulitz 3 February 2011  
xMileyCoffeGirl 1 January 2011  
xAshleyArgotaxD 25 December 2010  
Hello dear!!<3 Here's Ash,nice to meet u.
CassidyKaneStaub 23 December 2010  
hey !
CyrussItsBackxD 22 December 2010  
Hello baby <3 Here's Milsuh <3
xJustMex 22 December 2010  
Hey Mommy!!
xBybiiixD 21 December 2010  
xAndradax 21 December 2010  
xDayanutzax 21 December 2010  
XxSelenaGomezXx 20 December 2010  
Hello sweetie
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